Next actions in co-operation project with local entrepreneurs:

1. Workshop: Sustainable Tourism and Circular Economy 12.2. Imatra Spa at 10.15-15
The workshop includes introductions to sustainable tourism and participatory workshop work for participants. During the day, a pragmatic action plan for sustainable tourism will be worked out and steps will be taken to promote sustainable tourism in Saimaa Geopark.


Need for help? Ask more from Heli

2. Workshop: Starting Saimaa Geopark’s Business Partnership 20.2. 9–14: 30 Mikkeli, Regional Council of South Savo
In cooperation with ProAgria Etelä-Savo KYN – Cultural Environment Visible – Project and ProKasvu Project

3.Seminar: International Travelers I 14.3. at 9-15 in Lappeenranta

4.Home study trip to The Rokua Global Geopark 18th-19th March

5. Seminar: International Travelers II 3.4. 9-15 in Mikkeli, Seminars have different program.

6. International study trip to the Czech Republic 8.-11.4.


  1. a. The Bohemian Paradise Unesco Global Geopark.
  2. b. The Czech-Bavarian Geopark (Egeria+GeoLoci):
  3. c. Železné hory Geopark

5. Workshop: Quality in Saimaa Geopark Work 7.5.

8. Seminar: How we will continue our cooperation in October

Next free geological lecture for entrepreneurs:

On 23th of January at 10 A.M in Sulkava municipality and 2 P.M. in Juva municipality!

Please contact Mrs. Heli Rautanen for more information. Do not hesitate to ask – I am here for helping you 🙂 

Phone: +35840572 0797

Cooperation with entrepreneurs starts!

Aspiring Saimaa Geopark is starting a cooperation project with local companies and businesses.

First meetings are held on December 17th in Lappeenranta and 18th in Puumala.
In Puumala Geologist Kaisa-Maria Remes will tell about Saimaa Geopark`s geology and geoparks
geological story. Lecture is free and available to everyone who is interested in Southern Lake Saimaa area.

In both information events Executive Manager Heli Rautanen will give more information about cooperation.
During the one year project lectures, workshops and seminars are processed topics e.g. sustainability,cirulation economy and quality in aspiring Saimaa
Geopark`s area. Entrepreneurs also take part to visit in Rokua Global Geopark and a trip to Central Europe`s GGN Geoparks. It will be interesting to see how GGN`s geopark
Bohemian Paradise is built in Czech.

If you are interested in about aspiring Saimaa Geopark`s cooperation with local companies, please do not hesitate to ask more
information from Heli Rautanen (tel. +40572 0797,

Cooperation project lasts for one year and its budget is 100 000 euros, it is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Finland`s  Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment department.

Courses about geology of the area coming in Autumn!

Upcoming events:

Saimaa Geopark is organizing four different lectures about Saimaa area’s geology and culture in next Autumn. Lectures are free for everyone and Saimaa Geopark’s Executive Manager Heli Rautanen and Geologist Kaisa-Maria Remes will be the lecturers. Welcome!

City of Lappeenranta – Open Doors Thu 30.8.2018 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Discover the hidden treasures of lake Saimaa
Sat 29.10.2018 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Culturhouse Virta, Kaleva-sali Imatra

Lecture: What is Geopark?
Thu 11.10.2018 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Puumalan councilhall, Keskustie 14

Geological story of Saimaa
Wed 21.11.2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Imatra artmuseum

 Training on package travel legislation

Saimaa Geopark ry is organizing, together with its partners, training on package travel legislation
from the point of view of tourism entrepreneurs.
The subject of education is:

– Profitable pricing of tourism products and services to the desired target groups

– The impact of the new package of travel packages for the sale of travel packages to customers

As a key tool for pricing, ready-made pricing excel bottoms, which will also remain for entrepreneurs’ own use in the future.

The trainer is Kari Turunen Momentti Oy, who is well acquainted with the South Karelian region and international
sales channels and domestic customers. He is also the coach of the Visit Finland Academy, which started in January 2017.

Time and place April 9, 2018 at 16 – 20 Imatra Spa

As a trainer Kari Turunen Momentti Oy, Visit Finland Academy Coach

The training is organized by the Summer University of South Karelia, the Imatra Region Development Company Ltd’s Saimaa Region Tourism
a digital sales project, the Purest Finland project in Lake Saimaa in Saimaa and Saimaa Geopark

Direct registration link:

Photo: Sanna Poutamo