Tollonvuori and its surroundings form a rocky area spanning almost one hundred hectares. It has been deemed valuable and its southern scarp forms a Geopark site. The area’s features are dominated by two diagonally intersecting fractures, which are seen in the terrain as narrow valleys, and chop the landscape into a line of steep rocky hills. The steppe-like rock wall which opens out to the south-southwest of Tollonvuori is around 400m long and 40-50m high. The wall displays diagonal, horizontal and vertical cracking, and there are expansive rôche moutonnée areas on top of the rock. There are also several cave-like spaces in the area which have formed underneath slabs leaning against the rock wall. The mounds of weathered rocks in front of the rock itself make the terrain difficult to traverse.


Coordinates: x=540786,497 y=6810168,252 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

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Coordinates: 61,423223121, 27,764308942 (ETRS89 maantieteelliset(~WGS84))


Image: Tapani Tervo