Viihdy Saimaalla Aktiviteetit Elämykset Grulla Ventura

Experience sailing in Lake Saimaa

Sailing course for beginners

Set sails and become familiar with sail controls when the sails expand and the boat heels. Sailing is a continuous activity, but don't worry, you also have time to enjoy the unique landscapes of the Lake Saimaa.

Guided sailing trip for nature lovers

Lake ​Saimaa is at its best when traveling with only power of the wind, admiring the scenery, sunbathing and swimming. Experience yachting in natural conditions without engine noise and smell of exhaust.

Guided sailing trip to Saimaa Geopark sites

You will see nearly 2 billion-year-old rocks and experience the Lake Saimaa as shaped by the ice-age. On this trip you will get to know the major geo-sites of the Saimaa islands. Transfer between geo-sites is especially nice when it is done on the deck of the yacht. 


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