Saimaa geopark’s regatta is organized in saimaa geopark area in 20.-21.7. 2019

Saimaa Geopark’s regatta consists several sailing competitions which have been organized in the area.

  • Joutsenpurjehdus
    Imatran Immen purjehdus

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Saimaa ranking -competitions 2018:

26.5. Astuvan ukon regatta, Ristiina (Saimaa Geopark’s regatta) kilpailukutsu

9.6. Imatran Immen purjehdus, Imatra (Saimaa Geopark’s regatta)

21.7. Joutsenpurjehdus, Joutseno (Saimaa Geopark’s regatta)

22.7. Saimaaregatta, Joutseno (Saimaa Geopark’s regatta)

25.8. Ristisaaren malja, Puumala (Saimaa Geopark’s regatta)


More information:

Saimaan pursiseura’s website

Results can be found here  

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