Viihdy Saimaalla Aktiviteetit Elämykset Korppivuori Adventures


Korppivuori Adventures offers canoeing and camping equipment rental in Mikkeli, Otava and Varkaantaipalee in Ristiina. Korppivuori is also the highest point of Puulavesi's Iso-Paatsalo island. The difference in height is only 30 metres above the water surface, but the mountain offers a view of the Simpiän ridge. Korppivuori can only be reached by water or, in winter, by ice.

Rental equipment:

  • Kayaks, canoes
  • Tents
  • Hammocks
  • Cooker
  • Camping equipment and transport equipment for kayaks and canoes

Rental times start from 24 hours and rentals longer than a week by separate agreement. 1-7 days rentals via the website. Delivery and return of rented equipment from Mikkeli Otava in person. By agreement, equipment can also be left for collection from Otava or another location. If necessary, also transport of equipment to the agreed place and car transfers.

The location is in Mikkeli Otava and Puula beach is only a couple of kilometres away, so paddling is easy. The nearest beaches of Lake Saimaa are about 15km away and the beaches of Luonteri, Anttola are also easily accessible.
Repovesi Saarijärvi entrance and park is less than 70km away.


Koivakalantie 7 50670 OTAVA