Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Urpola Nature Center

Urpola Nature Center

The nature center contains information about nature in South Savo and history of Urpola. Environmental education is also one of the nature center’s purpose. There is a Geopark sign on the courtyard and a lovely nature trail in the Urpola River valley. You can also continue your journey from the visitor center to the nearby Kaihunharju esker and its scenic Kaihu Trail.

Urpola nature center is one of the Saimaa Geopark visitor centers. The Saimaa Geopark showroom features an interactive wall made with the technology of OiOi Collective from Mikkeli. By touching the wall you can explore Saimaa Geopark facts, such as the birth of Saimaa, or bring to life Terhi Kastehelmi's imaginative mural.

More information about the nature center on Mikkeli city website (in Finnish)

Information about the Urpola nature center on the Saimaa Central Park website (in Finnish)

Image: Anna Tiippana



Selännekatu 30, 50100 Mikkeli