Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Urpola Nature Center

Urpola Nature Centre, where history and present meet

Urpola Nature Centre/Saimaa Geopark visitor centre is a refreshing and versatile destination near the centre of Mikkeli. It is housed in Mikkeli's oldest residential building, dating back to 1782, where an annually changing exhibition is held during the summer season. The nature centre also aims to complement environmental education in schools and kindergartens. In addition to the nature exhibition, the centre features an interactive wall made with technology from OiOi Collective Oy. The wall allows visitors to read about the birth of Lake Saimaa, play an ice age-themed reaction game or bring Terhi Kastehelmi's imaginative mural to life.

There is a Geopark signpost in the Nature Centre's courtyard and a lovely nature trail in the Urpola river valley. From the Nature Centre, you can also continue to the nearby Kaihunharju and the Kaihu loop through the landscape. It is possible to hire sup rafts, single kayaks and rowing boats from the nature centre during the summer season, when the centre is open.

For more information about the Urpola Nature Centre, visit the City of Mikkeli website.

Image: Veera Hakkarainen



Selännekatu 30, 50100 Mikkeli