Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Enkelinpesä broken erratic

experience the caves of Enkelinpesä 

Enkelinpesä is group of caves formed when a large veined gneiss erratic boulder (12m x 12m x5-8m) cracked, and it contains a ledge cave and a crevice cave that runs through two boulders. The stone surfaces show large garnet crystals, illustrative migmatite structures and quartzified parts/dikes. There are also indeterminate red marks which are presumed to depict a human at an elevation of 1.1m on the walls of the ledge cave. Enkelinpesä is part of a marked network of Metsänväkitaipale paths and there is a small hut, campfire and benches underneath the ledgeIt is a hiking trail and leads to the landscapes of Neitvuori hill through Hiidenkierros trail: Description of the Neitvuori routes and instructions for arrival

Image: Kaisa-Maria Remes



Geographic coordinates

61.712846389, 27.801469444


x=542372,600 y=6842452,600


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