Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Kaihunharju esker terrain

Experience the Kaihu esker trail

The Mikkeli area emerged from underneath the melting continental ice sheet around 11,300 years ago – at that time, the area was dominated by the Yoldia Sea shore, which reached almost 110 meters above sea level (msl). The summit plains of the esker delta to the southern area of Kaihunharju which formed at around the same time is nowadays around 106msl. As the ice sheet receded from the area, the earth’s crust began to undergo uplift, and approximately 10,700 years ago Saimaa underwent isolation in the Mikkeli area and formed an independent lake from its predecessor, the Ancylus lake.

Image: Hannu Rönty


Geographic coordinates

61.673435676, 27.281276254


x=514889,900 y=6837833,599