Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Kaukaa industrial environment, Kanavansuu and Mälkiä neighborhoods

The first industrial environment of Saimaa canal

Kanavansuu and Mälkiä neighborhoods were built by the factory and were built for the factory workers. Both neighborhoods were solid residential areas and were built in the 1920’s – 1950’s. Neighborhoods are good examples of post-war detached housing constructions supported by industrial companies.

Kaukaa industrial environment, Kanavansuu and Mälkiä old neighborhoods are a nationally significant built cultural environment. You can find more information about this cultural environment in the Finnish Heritage Agency’s Cultural Environment service window (in Finnish)

Image: City of Lappeenranta


Geographic coordinates

61.081771808, 28.247615697


x= 567301,975 y= 6772536,942