Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Partakoski

Experience the Partakoski rapids

In Partakoski there is a granite bridge which was located close to the border between Sweden and Russia in 18th century. The first bridges to Partakoski and Kärnäkoski were built at that time. The current granite bridge at Partakoski was completed in 1902. The village of Partakoski has formed on the shores of the rapids over the decades. It was first mentioned as a village in old documents in the 1750s, when a sawmill was built at the rapids. Residential and commercial buildings in the old and densely built village are preserved on both sides of the stone bridge.

There is a rocky area named Pirunkuorma (“devil’s load” in English) at Partakoski’s Parrankapia. Legend has it that the devil was carrying a sack through the area, but it split open, and all of the rocks he was carrying fell into the stream.

Image: Hannu Mäkitie