Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Pursiala pothole

Experience one of Finland's largest hiidenkirnu

“Turned stones” have also been found in connection with the pothole – some are migmatites while others are other types of rock such as gabbro. In addition to the pothole, the impact of the glacier can also be seen in the grooves in the rock depicting the direction of glacial movement. Two angles, 320 and 350 degrees, can be seen in the rock, which indicate two glacial flow stages arriving from different directions.

The Kaihu trail through the scenery of the adjacent Kaihunharju esker reaches also to the Pursiala pothole. There are Saimaa Geopark signs at the pothole.

Image: Tapani Tervo


Geographic coordinates

61.670485851, 27.294587986


x=515596,066 y=6837508,121