Rapakivi scarps at Morruuvuori

Experience the crumbled rock

The coarse-grained and porphyritic structure (meaning that rapakivi contains large feldspar granules) of the Morruuvuori rapakivi cause gradual separation of the bonding surfaces of minerals with different crystal structures during temperature fluctuations. As a result of this feature, which is typical of rapakivi granites, the structure of the rock is loosened and, over a long period of time, rapakivi crumbles into gravelly substance.

Morruuvuori is located on Kuolimo shore about 4 km southeast of Suomenkylä village. The Rapakivi scarps at Morruuvuori can be explored in summer by boat or along the ice during winter time.

Image: Tapani Tervo


Geographic coordinates

61.279315612, 27.506396896


x=527147,884 y=6794004,650