Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Sarkaslampi bedrock topography

Sarkaslampi bedrock topography, a rocky scenery

There are rock paintings in the area of Sarkaslampi depicting an elk and a boat, and there is a prehistoric quartz quarry in the quartz-rich part of a pegmatite dike on the eastern shore of Ristilampi. A curved surface typical to potholes, worn down by the melt-waters of the continental ice sheet, can also be seen above the quartz quarry.

There is a marked path along the shores of Ristilampi and Sarkaslampi ponds, in challenging terrain, leading to the prehistoric quarry and rock paintings.

Images: Tapani Tervo, Veikka Liljeström


Geographic coordinates

61.595191462, 27.911401839


x=548367,800 y=6829423,800