Viihdy Saimaalla Ravintolat Kallioniemi

feeling of history and taste of local food

The historical yet playful villa provides you with a delicious à la carte menu full of local taste. Right next to the villa, you can find an even more easy-going beach house and its extraordinary burgers.

Kallioniemi estate was build in 1896, by a finnish language professor Emil Nestor Setälä and his wife, author Helmi Krohn. It was a summer escape for many artists and politicians of the time like composer Jean Sibelius, who were invited by the hoasts to spend time and discuss matters such as indepence of Finland. The first drafts of finnis flag were desined in Kallioniemi and E.N.Setälä was one of the people that were involved in writing the independece declaration of Finland.

Today, we value this historical place among todays services for travellers coming via Green gold culture-road and the clearest waters of lake Saimaa.


Kallioniementie 106,