Viihdy Saimaalla Elämykset Saimas Spinnery

Saimas Spinnery is finnish spinning mill on the lake saimaa.

Saimas Spinnery is a spinning mill serving Puumala. In product development we are strongly committed to ecology. In addition to the spinning mill, we have a factory outlet on our premises. We also organise experience tours at the spinning mill, where you can get to know the different stages of the yarn from wool to finished product.

Our yarns are produced in small batches and there is a significant proportion of handicraft. We have put a special emphasis on washing our own wool. Saimas Spinnery yarns are a blend of skill, knowledge and research. As a rule, our yarns are of high quality. Occasionally, there may be deviations in yarns due to production or raw materials. We want to answer your questions immediately. Any knots in the yarn are due to production reasons. Yarns on the cone are knotless.

A yarn warp may have unthreaded points and unevenness in the strands. In most cases this is due to the raw material used. A slight unevenness in places does not make the yarn second quality. We wash the wool without harsh chemicals. This process does not break down any plant parts that may be clinging to the wool. Some of these will be removed during the various stages of spinning, but there may be some trash left in the yarn.

We dye the yarn with both natural and industrial dyes. Dyeing is done by hand in small batches and is reflected in the weave by the vibrancy of the colour. Different dyeing batches differ, so we recommend that you buy enough yarn for the job. In the first few washes, loose dye may come off the yarn.


You can find the factory outlet at:

Koskenseläntie 3 52200 Puumala