Viihdy Saimaalla Majoitus Villa Kukkapää

A traditional holiday resort with modern facilities

This historical villa has been renovated and equipped to meet today´s needs. It is suitable for smaller and bigger groups, and visitors of the Savonlinna Opera Festival are also frequent guests of Villa Kukkapää thanks to its convenient location.

Villa Kukkapää offers a big sauna chalet situated by lake Saimaa. A wooden pier reaches from the terrace to the lake, going over Kukkapää’s private 200m sand beach. The water grows gently deeper making it accessible for smaller children too. The sauna has two separate stoves: the traditional Aitokius heated by wood and an electric stove for quick and easy use.

The Villa is located on a private, fenced area of 20 000 m2. To enjoy your care-free holiday, you can order ready-made food from catering services, and for those seeking new experiences it is possible to book guided fishing tours and church boat rentals.


Vekarantie 462, Sulkava