Virtual tour to Lappeenranta Geopark destinations

The objective of the bachelor’s thesis was to produce a virtual travel video, of Lappeenranta Geoparkdestinations. The videowas produced using theWonda VR -platform. In addition, the work aimed to increase the knowledge of the residents of Lappeenranta of regional nature destinations, and to produce content for the tourism and hospitality management students. The aim was also to develop new content for the tourism industry as well as to introduce the reader to the benefits of virtual tourism.

The thesis is a functional, and it consists of the theory and productive part. The thesis was implemented usinga qualitative case study as a research method.The theoretical part of the thesis deals with virtual tourism, Geopark destinations, video productionusing theWondaVR -platform, as well as marketing virtual tourism services.

The functional part of the work was carried out using a 360 degree camera for taking pictures and videos, after which the materials obtained were used in creating a virtual trip in theWonda VR -platform. The total number of Geopark sites in Lappeenranta is nine and each item was captured on the video to give the viewer a complete understanding of the site. The thesiswas unique and worth developing because a virtual nature trip of Geopark destinations has not yet been developed. The outcome of the thesis was a concrete virtual video journey presenting the Geopark destinations.

Watch virtual video journey