Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Esker ridge between Ketvelinniemi and Kermanniemi

Experience the esker ridge that connects the capes

Suomalansaarentie road passes over the esker ridge between Ketvelinniemi and Kermanniemi. When driving along Suomalansaarentie in Rahikkala village, you are in Saimaa Geopark natural and cultural site. A worthy stop in Rahikkala is the old windmill. When you reach Ketvelinniemi, the landscape changes as Suomalansaarentie passes over a narrow esker ridge and waters of Saimaa are very close to both sides of the road.

Image: Timo Huttunen


Geographic coordinates

61.328570322, 27.837363604


x=544820,093 y=6799673,266