Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Kauriansalmi observation tower

Experience the scenery of the observation tower

The Kauriansalmi observation tower was built on the highest point of Suomenniemi (now part of Mikkeli). The height of the tower is 14 m and the top of the underlying granite rock rises 137.4 m above sea level. The surface level of Lake Kuolimo is 70 m below the top of the tower. From the tower you can admire the fragmented landscape of the water bodies, the features of which reflect the large weakness zones of the bedrock. These zones have worn into valleys during ice ages as continental ice sheets repeatedly flowed over the area, clearing areas of weaknesses of loose rock.

The base of the tower is a rock area smoothed by the continental ice sheet, on the surface of which various shapes and structures stand out. The main rock type of the outcrop is Finland’s national stone granite, which has reddish areas with clearly coarser pegmatite parts. In addition, darker angular areas are visible on the rock surfaces. They are remnants / pieces of bedrock older than the main rock type of the outcrop. More information about Kauriansalmi observation tower can be found on Kauriansalmi villages’ website (in Finnish).

The Kauriansalmi observation tower is located at the crossroads of three nature trails. On the nature trails you can work out, get to know nature and take a moment to breathe. The length of the Hietakankaantien lenkki is 1.7 km. The Suojavedentien lenkki is 2.8 km and the Haukilahdentie lenkki 5.2 km. There is a track along the Suojavedentien lenkki for practicing the type tasks of the Forest Skills Competition. From the Haukilahdentie lenkki, you can get to the short Voimapolku, “Power Path”, where you can take a breath and get power from the nature with the help of various exercises. More information about the trails can be found on Kauriansalmi villages’ website (in Finnish).

Image: Kauriansalmi village association



Geographic coordinates

61.359850914, 27.420856070


x= 522504,289 y= 6802942,791