Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Lammassaari island delta and raised beaches

Experience the geological time travel of Lammassaari

Only a small piece of island to the south remains at the original height of the delta (approx. 101-102msl) – elsewhere waves at different stages of Saimaa’s development have washed away deposits and formed clearly distinct ancient shorelines. Two Stone-Age settlements have been found on the shores of the Greater Saimaa stage (approx. 80msl). Several kettles serve as remnants from the ice age, with the biggest being a rather large, steep-edged kettle pond. There are beautiful and representative gneiss boulders, along a path to the north of the island, and a sheltered rocky area at the northernmost point. Lammassaari has several Saimaa Geopark signposts and a comprehensive network of trails.

You can find route description of the paths in Lammassaari and instructions for arrival from the contents of the Outdoor Active platform: Route description of the geological trail of Imatra Lammassaari island

Image: Riina Kaikkonen




Geographic coordinates

61.208779721, 28.709660480


x=591853,586 y=6787243,684


55420 Imatra