Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Pappilanniemi rocky shores

Experience the exceptional rocky beaches of Pappilanniemi

The Pappilanniemi peninsula is lined by expansive mica gneiss rôche moutonnées lapped by Lake Saimaa, and their surface features show signs of both glacial erosion and inclusions formed during the rocks’ formation stage. A nature path winds around the peninsula.

You can find route description of the Pappilanniemi nature trail and instructions for arrival from the Etelä-Karjalan virkistysaluesäätiö. 

Image: Kaisa-Maria Remes


Geographic coordinates

61.073576152, 28.207310046


x=565144,719 y=6771583,395


Isännöitsijäntie, 53130 Lappeenranta