Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Pistohiekka shore formations

Experience the long sandy beach of Pistohiekka

Pistohiekka forms a shore feature site with an erosion bank measuring around 700m long and 3-4m tall. It also features ancient shorelines (at a Greater Saimaa stage height of 87msl) and rocky outcrops. Late Stone-Age dwelling sites where there have been archaeological findings are located in the ancient beach ridges.

There are several Saimaa Geopark sites in the vicinity of the Pistohiekka beach, including the Lietvesi scenic road and the Loketononkalo gorge, whose signs describe the geology of the area.

Images: Tapani Tervo, Veikka Liljeström


Geographic coordinates

61.560018679, 28.008252965


x=553568,019 y=6825581,832