Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Salpa Line stone defences at Syyspohja

Experience the old defense line of World War II

The Salpa Line, a defence line from the Second World War, also runs through Syyspohja along the Salpalinjantie road, and features lines of two and four rows of stone anti-tank defences, entrenchments, and dugouts. To build the Salpa Line, stone was cut from the sheer granodiorite rocks in nearby Haukkavuori. The route to the Salpa Line is marked.

After driving approximately 1 km on the Salpalinjantie road and turning left, you will reach a small parking space at the Syyspohja bunker. There is a bunker with quarters in the area with space for anti-tank gun and machine gun. The path from the parking space leads to the bunker.

Image: Ruokolahti municipality



Geographic coordinates

 61.392190620, 28.638380498


x=587512,096 y=6807571,166