Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET Taipalsaari municipal centre next to the ice-marginal formation

Experience a unique municipal center

The Suurilampi in Saimaaharju is a swamp with a water level (77.7 m mpy) that is two metres higher than the surrounding Saimaa. This means that there are also poorly permeable soils such as clay in the estuarine layer. Soup formed in ridges and estuaries deposited by glacial rivers as ice boulders were buried in their sand and gravel layers. As the ice boulders gradually melted away, potholes of varying sizes and shapes were left behind. The hollows can be dry land hollows with forest growth or, if they are connected to surface or ground water, hollows with more swampy or marshy features.

The municipal hall and church and the Saimaa Geopark signpost can be found on the side of the municipal centre. Taipalsaari church and the adjacent Röyty local heritage house are cultural sites of Saimaa Geopark.


Image: municipality of Taipalsaari


Geographic coordinates

 61.159942653, 28.061010975


x=557095,155 y=6781065,800