Näe ja koe GEOKOHTEET The Saimaa seal trail through esker terrain

The Saimaa seal trail, beautiful landscapes, and diverse geology

The area of Saimaa Seal trail emerged from underneath the continental ice sheet during Saimaa’s ice lake stage around 11,500 years ago. The types of rock found are typical to the area; mica gneiss and granite pegmatite. Kettles and ancient shore terraces add a little extra to the landscape. The Greater Saimaa stage shorelines along the path are a little over 84msl.

The path is marked and there are Saimaa Geopark signs, swimming places, campfire spots and an accessible lean-to shelter along the way.

The Puumala art path combines art and geology in the landscapes of the Saimaa seal trail! Along the path, there are eight checkpoints through which the geological secrets of landscape paintings are revealed. Check out the Puumala art path from visitpuumala.fi

Images: Veikka Liljeström, Riina Kaikkonen


Geographic coordinates

61.494009862, 28.164989487


x=562026,200 y=6818368,600