Näe ja koe Kulttuurikohteet Vallinkoski cultural landscape

Experience a charming cultural landscape

Historical information about the Vallinkoski area is found on the South Karelia Museum’s online exhibition Imperial Travels in Southeast Finland (only in Finnish)

The rapids of the Vuoksi were popular painting spots among painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of Vallinkoski painters was Berndt Lindholm, whose oil painting of the rapids in 1872 was closely related to the artwork project En resa i Finland (Travel in Finland) of that era. Before the damming of the Vuoksi, waters of the Vallinkoski rapids flowed on a wide front and the landscape was multi-level. In fact, many artists preferred Vallinkoski’s scenery to be better than the Imatra rapids that flowed north of it, with a rather narrow riverbed and not as much variation in the flow and levels of the rapids as in Vallinkoski at the time.

Image: Hintze Harry, Museoviraston kuvakokoelmat 


Geographic coordinates

61.135400833, 28.786185000


x= 596187,506 y= 6779182,263