Saimaa Geopark Region Ruokolahti


The municipality and parish of Ruokolahti were founded over 440 years ago. Ruokolahti is located on the shore of Lake Saimaa in South Karelia, in the province of Southern Finland. The municipality has a large surface area; 1,200 km2 (of which 943 km2 is land and 276 km2 is water).

Ruokolahti is a rural archipelago since there are over 500 lakes and ponds in addition to Lake Saimaa itself. The gorgeous nature has attracted plenty of tourists and there are more than 3,000 holiday homes in the municipality. There are around 5,400 permanent residents in the municipality, spread between 90 villages and 21 village committees. The central population centre is called Rasila, which also includes Salosaari. The urban area is split by Saimaa’s smaller Haapavesi lake.​