Saimaa Geopark Region Juva


The municipality and parish of Juva celebrated its 575th birthday in 2017. The parish of Juva was founded on 19 January 1442. Then the Bishop of Turku, Maunu Tavast, and 12 men from Juva signed a detailed agreement in Turku concerning the priest’s salary.

Since that agreement was signed many things have changed; not just locally, but nationally and internationally. Despite the changes, Juva is still a lively and thriving rural centre in the middle of Southern Savonia, situated along highway 5, the main motorway that runs through eastern Finland.

Juva is known for its range of good services, thriving countryside, and entrepreneurship: Juva is home to over 300 working farms and more than 300 companies. Entrepreneurship is strong in the area with more and more companies popping up all the time. Well-known products from Juva include books, organic milk, lettuces, and other foodstuffs. The forests are also a good source of employment.