Saimaa Geopark Region Puumala


Puumala offers all this: 3000 kilometres of Lake Saimaa shore with its rugged cliffs, a diverse and expanding range of housing and plots, a wide range of services for more than 2000 residents and almost 4000 leisure homes, functioning municipal basic services, diverse sports facilities, picturesque castles and one of the most beautiful bridges in Finland with breathtaking scenery. one of the most important municipalities for leisure living.

The village has a wide range of services and the numerous villages have their own special features and charm. Puumala's cafés and restaurants are open from weekday mornings to weekends all year round. For those on the water, there is a wide range of harbour services around the municipality. There are summer cottages and other accommodation to suit all tastes. Puumala's nature, services and people offer good conditions for quality living and leisure.